Never let the music pass you by

identify a song and add it to your playlist with a tap on your wrist.

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Never let the music pass you by

Trak is the first smart music tracker. Wear Trak whenever you go out and it will automatically build the playlist of your nights.

Double-tap Trak whenever you want to "like" a song and set it as one of your favorites

Get the playlist of your nights

Synchronize Trak with your smartphone, create the playlist of your nights and play it with your favorite music streaming service.


Leave your phone home

use trak to save your favorite songs for later while still enjoying your party.

With a simple tap

Hear a song that you like? Just tap trak to add it to your playlist and listen to it after.

Go back home with your favorite songs

Listen to your freshly discovered songs with on your phone or computer

How does it work?

  • Go to party party
  • Synchronize Trak with your smartphone
  • Enjoy the music


  • Get music

    Tag your favorites songs with just a "double tap" on your wristband and get the playlist of your night.

  • Listen to music

    Listen to your playlist on various services like Spotify or Deezer.

  • Offline mode

    Tag up to 40 songs offline; no limitation when connected to a smartphone.

  • Synchronize your music

    Synchronize your playlist with any smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth Smart.

  • Battery Life

    Party for up to 24 hours without having to recharge Trak.

  • Wireless

    Use Trak to chekin and make wireless payments at music events.

Pre-orders are now open!

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Ships December 2015